Why take the TSA General English 25 Programme?

  • Take the GE15 course in the morning and study for a further 2 hours each afternoon
  • Language production is the focus of these additional lessons, which include speaking and writing tasks
Students aged 16+ can join the GE25 course on any Monday throughout the year.

Make rapid progress at TSA!

Key Features

Group Size:
Maximum 15 students per class
Lessons Per Week:
15 contact hours per week
Minimum 1 week
A2 to C1
Minimum Age:
16 years
Weekly testing
Start Dates:
Reasons to choose this course:
  • You want to study in small classes with lots of personal attention
  • You want to make rapid progress and focus on your personal language needs
  • You want to live in the same building as the school and save yourself 10 hours traveling time per week
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The course is designed to help you to improve your speaking and listening skills and achieve your learning goals.

Learners on this programme participate in our GE15 course in the morning and study for a further 2 hours each afternoon. Language production is the focus of these additional lessons, which include speaking and writing tasks enabling students to practise using what they have learnt in the morning, together with pronunciation work. Learners also collaborate in mixed- nationality groups to research and present a UK-themed project each week.

The course includes an optional daily 1-hour drop-in session in which learners can ask one of our teachers for advice or help with any academic challenges they are facing that week. This gives students the opportunity to increase their tuition time to 30 hours per week.


As learners study and live in the same building, this creates a close academic community in which they can make friends from all over the world. Our students even have the opportunity to socialise with native English speakers on our campuses which also accommodate UK university students.

The quality of our English courses is reflected in the very high level of student satisfaction we achieve. Our lessons combine engaging teaching activities with the very latest digital technology, providing the next level of highly interactive teaching and learning.

Learners are welcomed into our school on the first day by our academic team and introduced to the programme. They are then given an oral assessment to complement our rigorous online level test taken prior to arrival and complete a questionnaire to help us tailor the course to their needs. This ensures students are placed at the correct level on the first day and provides the best possible start to their learning journey.

Course materials are carefully chosen to suit our student-centred, communicative teaching methodology and our experienced teachers respond to individual learner needs, ensuring a unique academic programme. Teachers also guide learners in setting academic goals and regularly scheduled tutorials guarantee their good progress.

All of our English programmes includes:
  • A minimum of 15 hours of lessons per week in our interactive digital classrooms,
  • Maximum of 15 learners per class.
  • Apple iPads and Macbooks supported by interactive white boards and the very latest technology in Touch-Screen Interactive Learning.
  • The programme also includes two social outings per week with a native speaker, ranging from city walks to live music performances.
 You will receive a formal framed Completion of Course Certificate at the end of the course as evidence that you have successfully completed the programme.
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